March 27, 2019

Did the title speak to you? Maybe you have always been someone who is drawn to horses. Maybe when you were younger, you dreamed of riding, imagined yourself as a "horse person," even figured out what kind of horse you would want. And yet to this day, when you think about actually taking a lesson or asking that friend with horses to introduce you to them, you can feel the nervous knots building in your stomach and so you never pursue this intense interest or respond to this soul's calling.

Or maybe you did take a lesson or a bunch of lessons but you had a teacher who pushed too hard and too fast and didn't take your fears into consideration. Or you started to ride but had a bad fall -- or a fall that didn't result in any injury bu...

March 21, 2019

The horse-human connection is unique in our animal-human connections. Though some dogs are working animals, we don't ride them, and cats, well, cats are pretty much the bosses of us. And most other large domesticated herbivores are livestock raised for food.

But horse and human became something very different, and it's a lot about the shared energetics and body language that have evolved and that each of us must develop on our own if we are ever to become accomplished, effective, and compassionate horsemen/women.

In a relationship-based interaction, we don't just simply get on the horse and go, and we don't coerce the horse through violence or threat.

Ideally, the horse is not just a passive recipient of our commands, and each hors...

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