Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Recently I was honored to work with someone who is facing the challenge of loss. She is brave and working in many ways to process and transform her grief. Equine therapy is new to her, and along with movement therapy and other modalities, she's piecing together an approach that works for her. I think this is key with grief: To know that all grief is unique to the person and their situation and to know that the same things don't work for everyone so keep trying...keep seeking and keep asking people for help. Don't isolate yourself. As much as possible, reach out.

I think she does an amazing job of describing her session here, but again, everyone's session would be different, depending on you and the horse, as usual.

If you have any questions about this work, please don't hesitate to contact me here or on Facebook. "I came to Stephanie for some help with some deeply painful grief that has left me unanchored and feeling lost. Her gentleness and patience quelled my anxiety, and the time spent with the horses was magical. The session started with a brief chat, followed by setting an intention and a scan of my body and my senses, followed by time being near two very beautiful, sweet horses. I watched them as they grazed, and slowly with Stephanie's gentle guidance, introduced myself to them, and allowed myself to let go, to trust, and to be with them. It was a truly magical hour. I left with my intention deeply rooted and feel a bit more hopeful and at peace. I'm very grateful to be working with her and those two beautiful, strong, caring horses." (Rachel, not pictured)

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In which I talk about the bi-directional nature of observation. Do you think you're the only one checking someone out?