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In which I talk about the bi-directional nature of observation. Do you think you're the only one checking someone out?

We can be so busy around our horses and have so much agenda (not a bad thing) that we often don't think to take the time to just observe them. A child, of course, wouldn't forget this part. It's one of the main things children do -- they watch everything. If you watch children watching, you'll see that they are really soaking it all in and they need no "reason" to do this.

Observing, if you think about it, is really the basis of good relationship, whether with other humans or animals.

So I'm creating a four part video series on this subject. I'll cover WHY we should spend time doing this, the benefits that come of it, and how to do it, including what to look for and what it all means. Here's the first (and don't forget to subscribe to my channel so you get updates):

Back by popular demand, we are bringing you another meditation with horses event this summer!

Come relax in nature and sink into a blissful state of consciousness with a guided meditation and singing bowl sound healing in the presence of horses!

-Space is limited so please call the number above to save your spot.

-Location is provided with registration.

-If you have any questions, please let us know!

And for your listening pleasure from our last event:

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