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Loving and Fearing Horses

Did the title speak to you? Maybe you have always been someone who is drawn to horses. Maybe when you were younger, you dreamed of riding, imagined yourself as a "horse person," even figured out what kind of horse you would want. And yet to this day, when you think about actually taking a lesson or asking that friend with horses to introduce you to them, you can feel the nervous knots building in your stomach and so you never pursue this intense interest or respond to this soul's calling.

Or maybe you did take a lesson or a bunch of lessons but you had a teacher who pushed too hard and too fast and didn't take your fears into consideration. Or you started to ride but had a bad fall -- or a fall that didn't result in any injury but left a mark on your courage.

You are not alone.

There are so many of these sorts of stories out there. I hear them all the time.

I hear those stories all the time not just from people who still can't face their fears but from countless people who come to me to do just that. There is a way beyond the fear and you can fulfill those dreams and longings.

Do these sound familiar?

Myth: "Don't show the horse you're afraid".

Truth: You can't hide fear from a horse.

Me: AND THAT'S OK. The truth of the moment is an EXCELLENT starting point AND there's a way forward from there.

Myth: "You have to get right back on after a fall".

Truth: You don't.

Me: But if it's something you choose to do there's an empowering and safe way to go about it that honors you and the horse.

These are only two of countless examples.

I have a successful way of working with people that addresses both the physical and emotional aspects of the horse-human relationship that helps them regain their confidence and joy with horses again and... fear is welcome here.

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