• Stephanie

A Few of the Ways You Can Work with Me

Since my presentation at Equine Affaire in Columbus, Ohio, I have made a lot of new connections. I'm still processing the event and the overall support I felt for my work -- work that can be seen as a bit different!

I wanted to give an overview of some of what I do for those of you who might be new to me.

I'm always developing new approaches and would love to hear from you if you have any needs that aren't being met.

You can schedule time with me by emailing me, messaging me on Facebook, or filling out the contact form on my website.

Personal coaching session (Equine Assisted or not) - This is for you if you have a challenge you'd like compassionate support and guidance in working through. This can be focused on your relationship with your horse or be completely unrelated to horses. You'll get fresh perspectives, nonjudgmental support, and tools to help with a transition in your life, a challenging situation or relationship, difficult emotions, or unwanted behavior or thought patterns. Intuitive development sessions also available for those wanting to tap their inner wisdom and intuitive guidance.

Equine behavior and training consultation - This is for you if you have an area of concern or problem with your horse(s) for which you'd like professional advise and guidance that gets to the root of the problem and provides a plan going forward in a positive direction. Focus can include, but is not limited to, horse care and management, training (mounted or unmounted), groundwork, problem behaviors such as spooking, biting, kicking, bolting, rearing, bucking, etc, trailer loading, herd-bound behavior, and ground manners.

Introduction to Liberty Play with your horse - A fun, no-pressure, educational experience for you and your horse that promotes bonding, trust building, and clear communication within a playful and open atmosphere.

Way of the Horse Oracle Card Reading - An insightful and soulful equine-inspired oracle card reading on a topic of your choosing. This provides clarity and direction around your topic within a five card spread, interspersed with relevant and helpful stories, examples, tips, and guidance that I'm intuitively drawn to share with you along the way.


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