• Stephanie

A Simple Mindfulness Practice

This is my co-facilitator, Danielle, with Gator. We start most sessions with a guided mindfulness exercise which includes breath work. Notice how Gator is paying attention here.

It's one of the tools that clients tell us is most beneficial in their day-to-day lives. It's great to hear that the application of it is reaching so much further than their time with the horses!

We use this tool whether we're working with "horse people" or just people coming for equine assisted learning or personal development. It doesn't matter, because it helps everyone to be more mindful of whatever they are about to engage in.

Try this: Place your hand on your upper belly (low part of the center of the rib cage). Relax your face, your neck, your shoulders. Feel your feet heavy in the earth. Breath into your palm. Lengthen and deepen the breath without strain. Do this for 10 repetitions. Do this wherever and whenever you are feeling too hurried or stressed throughout your day.

The people -- and the horses! -- around you will notice and appreciate your calmer energy.


​© 2016 by Stephanie Sawtelle