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Summer Horsemanship Packages Now Available

This is a comprehensive riding and training program combining a foundation in understanding horse management/behavior/cognition with relationship building, self awareness techniques, and horse/rider biomechanics to develop a truly harmonious partnership.

Horses and riders will develop more dynamic balance, quiet confidence, athleticism, and coordination - qualities that are beneficial to any discipline.

I also teach self-assessment; while I love supporting your progress, I want you to be able to problem solve and feel confident when you face challenges on your own as well.

Emphasis is placed on creating win-win situations, progressing at a pace comfortable for both rider AND horse, and building awareness on multiple levels including physical, mental, emotional, and energetic.

An instructional program can be stand alone or can work well as a supplement to your existing lesson program as it often brings to light dynamics at play that are not addressed by many other equine professionals.

Horse training programs are also available and owners are included in the training process to create the foundation for a sustainable and rewarding journey towards their goals.

PACKAGES: These rates apply between June 1st and August 31st. You can schedule any combination of riding, groundwork, or liberty work. 

(10) 60 min lessons $540 (10) 45 min lessons $450

Details: Lessons must be scheduled within specified dates. Packages are per rider only and cannot be shared. Unlimited additional lessons available at the prorated rate. Refunds given based on lessons taken multiplied by regular rates of $60/60 min and $50/45 min. Go HERE to contact me and get started!


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