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Synchronized Movement and Global Events

I was getting some clips of the horses blowing off some steam and I always love the moments where they come into sync. It's a noticeable transition from individuality to unity, a cohesion of rhythm that produces a noticeable feeling in my own body as I witness and experience it. I invite you to watch the video and notice how it makes you feel.

In many ways the whole world has never been more in sync than it is right now. It could be argued that the COVID-19 virus has globally unified us in focus and in action. That has a noticeable feeling in my body as well, and again I invite you to feel into this for yourself. It's good practice.

I teach the power of intention, focus, and aligned action when I'm working one on one with clients, and it's worth noting that as powerful as those are for each of us as individuals, when our collective efforts are synchronized that power increases exponentially. Both our individual and collective attention and actions are a powerful force in times of rest and in times of building pressure. Shared experiences bring us together in that way.

It's important to bring in some mindfulness and self awareness here. Notice where your focus, influence, power, and connections are right now. Notice how your body feels (sensations and emotions) in relation to your focus and how it shifts as your focus shifts. You have options! Your body will give you valuable information about your current situation, choices, decisions, and next steps if you listen to it.

Take inventory right now. Feel into yourself and notice what's asking for your attention. Notice what wants to happen. What are you supporting and creating towards the greater good while still fueling your own wellness? What is your body telling you about the intentions you're holding space for?

Take time to observe, notice, and respond. This is an important skill at an important time. You are a powerful force in your own right, and an integral part of our collective force.

We've got this. Love wins. Take care my friends.

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