• Stephanie

What a horse can teach you about that to-do list

I can hear your protests already.

"I'm not a horse and I have things I want to accomplish."

"My to-do list keeps me sane!" (Does it really?...)

"I have people counting on me."

All of that is legitimate. For sure. I also have things I want to accomplish and things I need to accomplish and daily grind sorts of stuff that must be done.

But between paper lists, sticky notes, and phone pop up reminders, I think most of us have gotten a bit beyond "need to remember this" and more toward "slave to the grind."

I think most of us are FEELING this too... when we can take a moment to breathe.

Spending time with horses can remind us of something essential about ourselves and about this life: What really needs to get done, gets done. Eventually. And especially if we can approach our days with less agenda and more openness to spontaneous action, more horse-like, if you will. Horses don't have the sense of time that humans have. They live in kairos, while we tend more towards chronos. Kairos (the sense of time horses live in) : a time when conditions are right for the accomplishment of a crucial action : the opportune and decisive moment Chronos (the sense of time humans often live in) : chronological or sequential time Ideally you learn to integrate the two concepts of time, taking the best of both worlds with you through the day. If your to-do list is running the show, pause, take a second to notice your breath and feel your feet on the ground, slip into kairos and see what opportunities the world outside of your to-do list is offering you.


​© 2016 by Stephanie Sawtelle