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Still Point Wellness

Supporting life. Inspired by Equus.

You're here for a reason...

Reading these words. On this website. At this time. No coincidences.

Whether you're looking for guidance with your own horse, a unique path for personal growth, support for your equine-based program or organization, or you simply have a longing for horses that you can't shake, your connection to horses is deeply rooted in your soul.


You're not alone...


Hoof beats have echoed in the human heart and soul for eons. The horse-human relationship is thousands of years old and yet constantly evolving. Horses have supported people through the ages in many ways- from meeting our basic needs, to expanding civilization, to carrying us in competition, and being our companions. However, the role of horses in our lives is expanding to include so much more.


New research, in both conventional and esoteric areas of interest, surrounding both horses and humans, supports a fresh approach to all horse-human interactions including holistic wellness for both species, and the potential for horses to inspire positive changes in all areas of our lives.

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