Stephanie Sawtelle, of StillPoint Wellness, advocates for individual, collective, and global wellness through meaningful horse-human interactions with a strong focus on the mind-body connection, emotional intelligence, intuitive development, and the interconnectedness of all life.


She and her equine partners provide support for growers, healers, seekers, evolvers, and those with an eye towards expanding their potential through experiential opportunities.



She is an expert on the dynamics of the horse-human relationship on physical, emotional, and energetic levels. Guided by these dynamics, clients receive personalized life lessons, improved relational skills, empowerment, and helpful perspective shifts applicable to their unique journey and challenges.

She has shared her insights and passion for this work through platforms including Equine Affaire, Take the Reins podcast, and Equine Wellness magazine, as well as published a workbook, What Horses Can Teach Us About Mindfulness.

New research, in both conventional and esoteric areas of interest, surrounding both horses and humans, supports a fresh approach to all horse-human interactions including holistic wellness for both species, and the potential for horses to inspire positive changes in all areas of our lives.

Wellness is important, we can help.


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