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Although every experience unfolds uniquely, you will always be met exactly as you are without judgement or expectations, and you'll receive personalized guidance relevant to your unique situation.

Nature is resilient, cyclical, dynamic, and complete; nature-based experiences through StillPoint FarmASea are designed to bring you home to those same qualities in your human nature, supporting your journey through the ebbs and flows of life.

Working with Stephanie is a blend of structure and flow, intuition and mindfulness, supported by synchronicity, science, and the natural world. Animals, plants, trees, the weather, and other aspects of nature often join in with their unique messages and support in meaningful ways. The StillPoint FarmASea grounds are carefully stewarded to honor the earth and all her inhabitants. Preserving biodiversity and holistic management practices are prioritized.

Clients often describe their experience as therapeutic, safe, profound, healing, grounding, supportive, timeless, magical, and sometimes hard to put into words.

You do not need any prior experience with this work or knowledge of horses. No horseback riding is involved.

As Stephanie loves to say, "Show up, hang out, change your life".


the horses

Horses and horse wisdom are woven into every experience.

Since horses are uniquely adept at giving us real-time feedback and information via their body language, they bring attention to the dynamics at play that are relevant to your healing, growth, and learning. They give us insight into the physical, emotional, energetic, and ethereal aspects of a situation, allowing healing and growth on multiple layers.

During in-person interactions, the horses are teachers, role models, mentors, and guides. They co-facilitate alongside Stephanie as equals, giving you an inter-species support team.

For off-site experiences without the physical presence of  the horses, you can be sure that the spirit of the horse, their ancestors, and their collective wisdom, is still supporting us. Stephanie embodies a lifetime of learning shaped by horses and brings much of their presence and wisdom with her wherever she goes.


the experience

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