Fields full of horses are just some of the fields I enjoy being in. I also love the intersecting fields of horses, humans, science, the present moment, and universal intelligence.

New research in both conventional and esoteric areas of interest surrounding horses, humans, and the interactions between them are supporting a fresh approach to horsemanship, training, and the potential for horses to inspire positive changes in all areas of our lives.

Through lessons, consultations, and personal coaching, I holistically support both humans and horses through life’s challenges by sharing:

  • relevant information from the fields of

    • horse behavior and cognition

    • herd dynamics

    • horse and rider biomechanics

    • the mind/body/spirit connection

    • universal intelligence theories

  • feedback from the horses themselves

  • my extensive personal experience and expertise

  • intuitive awareness

  • techniques for increased self-awareness and mindfulness 

  • holistic solutions based on sustainable and regenerative practices

What does that mean?

It means I meet you and your horse where you are on every level (physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual) with fair, effective, and heart-centered methods to support you on your individual journey (which is an integral part of our collective journey).


Together let's initiate a positive feedback loop starting with the horse-human relationship that ripples out to have a profound impact on our quality of life and the lives of those connected to us.

Healthy, empowered, and mutually rewarding horse-human interactions are a TOP priority in all my work.

I want our time together to be your most valuable "Field Trip" ever!

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"What's next?", you ask.

If you:

  • Would like to work together

  • Have questions about my approach and services

  • Are wondering how I can help you

  • Are looking for support in taking your next best step


Please book a free phone consultation with me. Connecting on a more personal level gives you clarity going forward and I love expanding my circle of connections.

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