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from Stephanie

I am an advocate for holistic individual and collective wellness and an expert on the dynamics of the horse-human relationship on physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual levels. I facilitate meaningful horse-human interactions with a focus on mind-body connection,  emotional intelligence,  intuitive development, and the interconnectedness of all life.

Guided by these dynamics, clients receive personalized life lessons, improved relational skills, empowerment, and helpful perspective shifts applicable to their unique journey and challenges.

My equine partners and I provide support to those pulled towards healing and evolving through the experience of living.
I have supported other professionals in my field, at-risk youth, women in transition, victims of crime, military veterans, grieving families, first responders, caregivers, cancer patients, young adults learning interpersonal skills, and other individuals seeking healing, empowerment, and new perspectives.

I am an author and public speaker, enjoying every opportunity to share my stories and excitement for my work.

Outside of my career I love spending time with my animals and loved ones. I have an unending curiosity and love of new experiences. I am ALWAYS learning, especially anything at the intersection of science/spirituality/life. I love being outdoors, especially on the water, and I rarely miss the chance to go sailing, paddle boarding, stargazing, or to visit the ocean.

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