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Optimize the well-being of your horse, herd, and farm through holistic education and a tailored plan specific to your circumstances.

  • Dangerous horses

    • Some horses are a danger to humans, other horses, or even themselves. Dangerous behaviors include things such as biting, kicking, bucking, rearing, striking, spooking, bolting/blind running.

  • Unwanted behaviors

    • Some horse behaviors, although not inherently dangerous, are still unwanted or inconvenient. These include behaviors such as threatening harm, refusal to go forward, hard to catch/lead, a dislike of grooming/tacking/mounting, being herd/barn sour, or acting either pushy, disconnected, or withdrawn.

  • Stable vices

    • Cribbing, weaving, patterned walking, destruction of stalls/fencing/equipment, pawing, and other repetitive behaviors can be addressed in consultations.

  • Problematic horse/horse or horse/human dynamics

    • this includes horses that are difficult or display extreme dominant or submissive behavior around other horses in any situation including, under saddle, in hand, confined, or turned loose with or near others.

    • This includes horses that have trauma driven behaviors around humans in general, and also can refer to specific horse/human pairs that appear to trigger or mirror each other.

  • Herd management

    • Advice is available regarding any challenging herd-related issues including problematic social dynamics, introducing or losing a herd member, ensuring adequate resource availability, and logistical concerns.

  • Property/Pasture management

    • Advice is available regarding optimizing property spaces, pasture or turn out areas, pasture quality or overgrazing issues, and logistical concerns to ensure that your horse and herd's needs are met and your property is managed sustainably.

  • Stress/Trauma

    • We acknowledge the stress and trauma inherent in modern life that affects both horses and humans. We provide support in healing from and minimizing stress, trauma, and the  various ways it presents in daily life.

  • Targeting root causes with holistic solutions

    • We search for root causes of problems, rather than continually treating symptoms. Equine behavior is communication, and we can recognize resolution of a problem when we see positive changes in behaviors with horses who are free to express themselves.

    • We address all layers of horse behavior and herd management challenges from small details to the big picture. We create win-win solutions based on strong foundations.

The process

We listen to your challenges, evaluate your situation, assess your goals, and provide feedback, advice, and action steps. Our solutions are informed by low-stress, fear free, holistic, and LIMA (least intrusive, minimally aversive) methodologies.

  • 25+ yrs experience in the equine industry

  • Nationally, and internationally received author, public speaker, clinician, and consultant

  • The Academy for Coaching With Horses, 2015

  • Delaware Valley college, 1997, BS Equine Science


20 min introductory discussion > FREE

Here we will discuss the reason for your call and determine if we are a good fit for each other. No feedback or solution will be given for your specific situation during this free call, but we may discuss my experience, methods, and other relevant information regarding the decision to move forward together.

Consults > $75/hr (billed in 15 min increments, additional travel fees may apply)

Our time together may include:

  • Intake discussion plus Q&A, for information gathering purposes

  • Determining desired and realistic outcomes/goals

  • In-person visits

  • My assessment of the situation plus additional relevant feedback

  • A personalized plan with action steps and milestone markers (if applicable)

  • Continued phone/video/email/text support

For questions or booking:


Stephanie Sawtelle


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