Use the Guided by a Horse Workbook

Besides working directly with me, a great way to start improving your life with the help of a horse is to buy my book.


Part text and part journal, this workbook is designed to guide you to greater levels of mindfulness and self-awareness through specially designed exercises described in the book. 


Further, it encourages you to use the observations and discoveries you make to improve not only the relationship you have with your horse, but to realize how that information can positively impact all areas of your life.

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"What I love about this book is that in can help horsepeople accomplish a true communicative partnership with their horse(s). Mindfulness and in the moment presence with our equines is beneficial for both them and us." - Karen Schelinski

"Good for instructors, therapists, and riders in general." -Amazon Customer

"...really comprehensive with step by step planning." -MHC


Equine-Supported Personal Development

Personal development sessions facilitated by the horses and myself help you:

  • Feel empowered in moving forward in life with a fresh perspective

  • Handle life's transitions with more confidence and peace

  • Learn to work with your emotions

  • Shift negative patterns of thought and behavior


Horses provide us continual real-time feedback in the form of subtle and obvious communication. This feedback is honest, non-judgmental and simply based on the truth of "what is" in the present moment.

In this way horses bring personal truths to the surface and offer you practical lessons on self-awareness, communication, trust, healthy boundaries, balanced leadership, patience, assertiveness, and so much more.


These sessions are often profound and can be deeply transformative. I am skilled at holding space and take great care in creating a safe container that supports your needs from moment to moment at a pace that's right for you.

Available as private, semi-private, or small group sessions. No horse experience is necessary, this is a non-riding service.

To book a session or for more information contact me HERE.


Liberty Play With Horses

A fun and insightful way to bond with your horse, improve communication as a pair, and deepen your relationship.


Liberty play is always a favorite, and everyone from seasoned horsemen to beginners walk away with a greater understanding of the two-way conversation they are always having with the horse.


Would you like to:

  • Know, understand, and connect with your horse like

never before while strengthening your relationship?

  • Identify and work through struggle points from the

ground in a way that supports your ridden work?

  • Break up arena work in a fun and stimulating

way that builds rapport?

No horse of your own? No problem, I have horses for you to play with! To schedule a session or get more information contact me HERE.

Relationship-Based Horsemanship:

Instruction and Training

This is a comprehensive riding and training program combining a foundation in understanding horse management/behavior/cognition with relationship building, self awareness techniques, and horse/rider biomechanics to develop a truly harmonious partnership.


Horses and riders will develop more dynamic balance, quiet confidence, athleticism, and coordination - qualities that are beneficial to any discipline. I also teach self-assessment; while I love supporting your progress, I want you to be able to problem solve and feel confident when you face challenges on your own as well.


Emphasis is placed on creating win-win situations, progressing at a pace comfortable for both rider AND horse, and building awareness on multiple levels including physical, mental, emotional, and energetic.


An instructional program can be stand alone or can work well as a supplement to your existing lesson program as it often brings to light dynamics at play that are not addressed by many other equine professionals.

Horse training programs are also available and owners are included in the training process to create the foundation for a sustainable and rewarding journey towards their goals.

To enroll in a program contact me HERE.


Holistic Consultations

Available for horse owners, equine professionals, and organizations facing acute or recurring challenges, or who are looking to "level up" their current practices.

A consultation with me can help you find solutions to issues that may include, but are not limited to:

  • Solving individual horse and herd management challenges

  • Training challenges, including "problem/dangerous horses"

  • Program or service development

  • Raising quality and standards within your facility/services

  • Learning and applying holistic techniques to better support all aspects of your business


By identifying and addressing the root cause of issues, I can make recommendations that lead to lasting positive change and long term solutions.

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Speaking Engagements

I am available to speak to your group on a variety of topics in both formal and informal settings. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Horse Whispering 101

  • Maximum Benefit Horse Management: Addressing the 3 F's (Forage, Friends, Freedom)

  • Holistic Tools for Improved Horsemanship

  • The Role of the Horse in Personal Growth

  • Top 5 Ways to Strengthen The Bond Between You and Your Horse

  • Leadership Inspired by the Way of the Horse

  • The Evolution of the Horse/Human Relationship, What's Next?

Talks often include group discussion and time for Q&A! To inquire about booking a talk for your group or event please contact me HERE.

The Alchemy of Equss


Way of the Horse Oracle Card Reading

An oracle card reading using the Way of the Horse oracle deck, and done in the presence of horses, on a topic of your choosing. A five-card spread is used.

  • Discover fresh perspectives on your personal challenges during the reading

  • Gain clarity and insight through an overview illuminated by the oracle cards

  • Receive support from myself and my horse team in accessing your own solutions to obstacles that are getting in the way of your happiness


This is a unique experience, as often the cards, the horses, other animals, and the natural world combine and synchronize to create a memorable and awe-inspiring reading.


Single readings or "parties" available for groups. Readings also available via video conference.

To book this unique experience for yourself or your group please contact me HERE.